Water Transfer



Keystone Clearwater provides piping, high volume pumps, manifolds, and pump watch to unify the process of supplying water for hydraulic fracturing.  Keystone’s experienced team will design, install, and operate a water management system for any variety of hydraulic fracturing set-ups, including tanks, above-ground storage, and earthen impoundments.

Keystone’s technically trained operations team will provide an uninterrupted flow of water for fracturing operations and refilling of working tanks at the rates desired by natural gas companies, including all requisite redundancy to ensure the success of each project.

Extensive design, planning and preparation is critical to the success of a hydraulic fracturing operation and Keystone prides itself on taking all necessary steps to make sure that each fracturing operation is completed in a timely and budget conscious manner.

Water Transfer Set-Up

Keystone will supply, install, operate and remove all necessary manifold systems, piping, valves, fittings, pumps, containment, controls, filtration unit, fuel and fuel tanks, winterization equipment, pigging system, and related equipment as required to support the working tanks and hydraulic fracturing operation at a client-designated water transfer rate, according to client preferences and overall site conditions and layout.