Fixed Facility – Operations & Management

KCS - Clermont Produced Water Storage Facility

Water Pipeline Operations & Maintenance

Keystone Clearwater offers operations & maintenance services for a variety of water transfer systems and water storage solutions. Our services include the operation of industrial automation and controls, fresh-water intakes, complex water pipeline systems, waste facilities, and permanent impoundments, among others. Operations & maintenance services can be provided in conjunction with turnkey water transfer solutions or on a stand-alone basis.

Impoundment Management

Keystone’s team of field techs has been trained in the safe and efficient management of impoundments used in conjunction with natural gas development. Keystone’s personnel are experienced in managing water circulation, conducting pump watch & maintenance activities, and providing daily water reports. Keystone’s experience, standard operating procedures, and safety training provide operators with valuable service in the management of impoundments in a safe, efficient, and environmentally safe manner.