Revised Chapter 78A Regulations Published This Past Weekend

By Keystone Clearwater Solutions -


The updated Chapter 78a regulations were published in the PA Bulletin on October 10th (see link below) and are effective immediately.  Keystone is currently working with our customers to maintain compliance under the new regulations, which have changed design, permitting, construction, operation and compliance requirements for water usage.  If you are interested in learning more about how Keystone can assist in ensuring your operations are in compliance, please contact Andrew Strassner at 724-816-4790 or

New Temporary Water Pipeline Requirements:

  • Temporary water pipelines are now defined as “Well Development Pipelines” and may no longer be buried other than at crossings of pathways, roads, railways, or water bodies if moving reuse water.
  • No pipeline joints or couplings are allowed over streams or lakes.
  • Shut off valves must be installed at each end of a water body crossing.
  • Valves along pipelines must be spaced at intervals to prevent release of no more than 1,000 bbls if discharge occurs.
  • Mandatory requirements for pressure tests and recordkeeping.
  • Pipelines must be emptied if not used more than 7 consecutive days.
  • Increased pipeline operation recordkeeping requirements.



Other Requirements:

  • Closure of centralized impoundments within 3 years unless a Residual Waste permit approval is requested within 6 months.
  • Increased inspection and recordkeeping requirements for pipelines and facilities.
  • New Water Management Plan (WMP) forms and requirements.
  • New waste management requirements, including rules for temporary storage tanks.
  • Area of Review (AOR) requirements for new unconventional wells.

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