Ohio shale brings down state unemployment rates

By Keystone Clearwater Solutions -

Over the past several years, unemployment rates in Ohio counties with shale production have been on the decline.

Counties in the Utica production region have shown a 66 percent decline in total unemployment since 2010, the counties are Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Belmont, Guernsey, Noble, Jefferson, Mahoning and Trumbull. The most active county, Carroll, has decreased from 16.1 in 2010 to 4.5 percent today.

During the same time period, the unemployment rate for the entire state of Ohio dropped by 5.6 percent, a 53 percent decline since 2010. These numbers show that the counties which have been impacted by shale development have seen the unemployment rate decrease by 13 percent more than the states average and 15 percent more than the nation’s average.

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