Fracking will boost Maryland’s economy

By Keystone Clearwater Solutions -

Wenonah Hauter’s recent op-ed on the dangers of fracking in Maryland missed the mark completely (“There is no safe fracking, Mr. O’Malley,” Dec. 3).

Ms. Hauter argues that Gov. Martin O’Malley “mishandled” the decision to allow fracking in the state. What she fails to acknowledge is that Mr. O’Malley had the state Department of Natural Resources conduct a three-year study of the issue, which found that “the risks of Marcellus Shale development can be managed to an acceptable level.”

The study also found that the risks associated with shale development have been properly managed in neighboring states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia. In fact, thanks to increased natural gas production, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reported a 73 percent decrease in sulfur dioxides, a 26 percent decrease in particulate matter and a 23 percent decrease in nitrogen oxides.

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