Editorial: Our energy pipeline

By Keystone Clearwater Solutions -

President Barack Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline bill Tuesday, but an energy project that promises more benefits to North Carolina is quietly advancing.

It’s the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which will carry natural gas 550 miles from West Virginia across Virginia and through North Carolina on a north-south line roughly tracking Interstate 95.

Surveying is underway. Public meetings in affected communities have been held. A permit must be granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and that will require studies of the potential impact on the environment, cultural and historic resources, public safety and other concerns. If all goes according to plan, the pipeline could be operational by late-2018 at a cost of $4.5 billion to $5 billion.

The pipeline will be built and operated by Dominion, a Richmond, Va.-based energy company, and jointly owned by Dominion, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas and AGL Resources.

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