Don’t derail natural-gas boom

By Keystone Clearwater Solutions -

As Memorial Day kicks off the “summer driving season,” families across the region and the nation will be hitting the road. This year, thankfully, consumers are paying less at the pump while realizing significant energy-related savings – from home heating to electricity bills – due to responsible shale development. And in today’s economy, every bit of savings counts.

Consider this: Pennsylvania is now producing enough natural gas to meet more than 20 percent of America’s total demand. Operators in the commonwealth are safely producing record amounts of clean-burning natural gas right here at home, creating meaningful cost-savings for consumers, families, retirees, small businesses, manufacturers, schools, hospitals, and local governments. In fact, according to a recent Bookings Institution study, more affordable and stable natural-gas costs tied to domestic shale production have “improved the economic well-being of consumers by $74 billion per year.”

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