Health, Safety & the Environment (HSE)

hse-engineersThe people of Keystone Clearwater are our most important asset.

Keystone is committed to the goal of ZERO injuries, ZERO occupational illnesses, and ZERO environmental incidents. The primary reason for having this goal is the belief that the welfare of our employees and the protection of the environment are the highest priority and greatest responsibility of our company.

Keystone believes that strong leadership is a prerequisite to establishing HSE as a core value and serves as the
safetyfoundation to achieve the goal of ZERO injuries, occupational illnesses, and environmental incidents. As such, Keystone will demonstrate their commitment to HSE excellence by:

  • Employing a full-time HSE staff with experience in the oil and gas industry
  • being visible in the workplace and leading by example in demonstrating HSE behaviors that reflect Keystone’s commitment to HSE excellence;
  • promoting an environment of open communication between all levels of personnel to ensure that HSE issues are captured and communicated; and,
  • maintaining a culture where the commitment to HSE excellence is the top priority.

Keystone continuously evaluates the HSE risks to our personnel, customers and the environment in which we operate. Keystone views this as an on-going process that is critical to achieving an incident-free workplace.

Keystone conducts training on a continual basis to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of all employees.

Keystone promotes employee ownership and participation in the management of this HSE policy & program through the continuous involvement of all employees in the HSE policy & program.

At Keystone, Health Safety and the protection of the environment (HSE) is everyone’s responsibility.