Temporary River Crossing


In support of an oil & gas well development project, Keystone designed, permitted, constructed, and operated a temporary river crossing on a state highway bridge in North Central Pennsylvania. In order to allow for the consistent flow of traffic during the multi-week operation, Keystone obtained approval to hang 12″ HDPE pipe from the side of the bridge using hanging parapets as pipe supports.

Keystone completed the installation of the pipe during a one-lane closure of the bridge in a single 12-hour night shift. The hanging pipe was installed on the bridge using telescoping forklifts to handle and deploy the pipe. The operation was engineered in advance and executed according to plan to complete the project without exceptions.

The temporary bridge crossing allowed Keystone’s client to save a significant amount of money by using a temporary crossing instead of a permanent river crossing that would have been required to be directionally drilled underneath the river. By engineering a temporary solution, Keystone was not only able to save the client significant money, but also kept approximately 1,000 water trucks off of the road for a well completion operation.