Emergency Response


After being notified of the compromise of a water supply pipeline at a river crossing under the Tennessee River, Keystone Clearwater was called in for emergency response to restore temporary service to residents of Chattanooga and to engineer, design, and construct a replacement river crossing. Within 24 hours of the call, Keystone had a team on site to support the operation.

The plan initially involved installing a temporary, 16” HDPE, pipeline across a walking bridge to relieve strain on the water system and restore service until a permanent repair could be made to the 30” main. Soon after arrival to site, Keystone and its customer quickly determined that the temporary 16” line could have caused other issues due to the location of connections to the existing water supply.

During Keystone’s onsite meeting, the team decided that a permanent solution could be quickly established by slip-lining a 24” HDPE pipe 1,650 feet through the 30” main and tying into the main on either side of the Tennessee River. In connection with the operation, a temporary, 10” layflat , pipe was installed over the pedestrian bridge, connected to fire hydrants and allowing a significant reduction in pressure to the water system.

Keystone completed the temporary restoration of water service within 48 hours and had the permanent river crossing completed within fourteen days of being notified of the situation.