Fluid Hauling

130 bbl vacuum transports and 110 bbl 3 axle bottle trucks that can be utilized in hauling oil and gas related fluids including fresh, flow back, production water as well as drilling mud. Full logistics support and fluid management capability to reduce cost per bbl for disposal of waste fluids and increase operator margin.

Tank Service


500 bbl Frac, open top and mud tanks, built with the highest standards and material integrity. We provide 24 hour service to move and spot tanks by capable and experienced operators. Rapid response and efficiency saves operators time and increases overall productivity in site set-up.


Drill pipe and casing, poly pipe, palletized materials, totes and additives are among the many services our flatbed fleet handles daily. Available 24 hours a day to service operators in the Marcellus and Utica Shale play. We are licensed in all lower 48 states and can run where you need to keep your operation moving.

Heavy Haul

Our winch trucks and specialized heavy haul trailers operated by the best in the market personnel set us apart from the rest. Our equipment is second to none and our ability to quickly and safely handle equipment puts us at the top of class. We can assist in rig moves, move equipment and tanks, run over size, provide on-site winch service, move tanks, pretty much whatever you need we can put it together, all while saving you time and money.