Pipeline Design & Engineering



Keystone’s team of engineers and geo-technicians can plan, design, and engineer complex pipeline projects, including pipeline route profiling, total dynamic head calculations, pump selection, and pipeline design. Keystone’s team of professional engineers has developed significant experience in the planning and design of pipeline construction projects, including the development of detailed construction plans, identifying project specifications such as E&S controls, pipe, valve, and fitting requirements. Keystone’s engineers know the market in which we operate and can design projects to be constructed in the most efficient, cost effective, and environmentally sensitive manner.

Pipeline Design & CAD


Keystone Clearwater has developed detailed standard operating procedures to develop Piping & Instrumentation Drawings (P&ID) drawings for every water transfer project, which demonstrate the complete pump, piping, and valve set-up at each location. Keystone will prepare revised P&ID diagrams for each water transfer operation set-up to meet its client’s specifications and to meet Keystone’s Quality Assurance and Safe-Operating requirements. Keystone has implemented these procedures in order to assure its customer that it will design and construct water transfer systems in a responsible way.